Year 2

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Year 2 and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Year 2 is a busy and challenging year for the children as they prepare for their journey into Key Stage 2.

In Year 2, we help the children to build on and develop their knowledge and skills whilst also encouraging them to become more independent learners. We work hard to support the children to enable them to achieve their full potential and aim to ensure that all children have an enjoyable and successful year in Year 2.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to the Year 2 staff and we will be more than happy to help. We value the contribution you make in your child’s learning and feel that working in partnership together helps us to provide the best education that we can for your child.


In Year 2 we offer a rich and diverse curriculum which acknowledges the interests of the children in our class. In History, we go back in time to find out all about The Great Fire of London and in Geography, we travel around the world to learn about the continents and oceans. For further information about the curriculum coverage across the year, please go to the ‘Year 2 Curriculum Overview.’

End of Year Assessments

In Year 2, we prepare the children for the end of Key Stage 1 national tests (SATS). These tests are designed to check that children in all schools are making progress. For further information about these tests and ways that you can help at home, please refer to the ‘Year 2 SATs Info for Parents’ leaflet.

Phonics Screening Check

In the Autumn Term, the children will take the phonics screening test. This normally takes place in Year 1. The government have instructed all schools to administer this test to all pupils in year 2 in the 2021 to 2022 academic year, who due to the cancellation of the phonics screening check in June 2021 did not take the check in year 1.


Children in Year 2 will be given weekly homework, this can be found in your child’s homework book. Homework should be handed in the following week.


Children have a weekly spelling test. New spellings will be sent home every week for you to help your child to practice and learn at home. By the end of Year 2, children are also expected to learn to read and write ‘Common exception words’. A list of both the Year 1 and 2 words can be found within our class information.


Children in Year 2 have lots of opportunity to read whilst in school through 1:1, group, independent and whole class reading activities. Reading books are changed every week for you to enjoy reading with your child at home. Please ensure that you comment and sign in your child’s reading record to keep us informed about how your child doing at home.


In Year 2, we build on the good handwriting habits already introduced in school and encourage the children to develop their cursive handwriting style with an emphasis on size, orientation and position of letters on the line. To view the handwriting style we use in our school, please refer to ‘Cursive handwriting’.


Children will have PE once a week. All jewellery must be taken out and the correct P.E kit needs to be worn: black shorts, white t-shirt and black P.E pumps. Long hair should be tied back in a bobble. Children will continue to come to school wearing their PE kit on their PE day.

Mrs Halliwell, Year 2 class teacher

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Year 2 class teacher

Mrs Halliwell

Year 2 teaching assistants

Miss Wharton, Miss King

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