Year 4

A lovely welcome to Year 4!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead. In year 4, children are encouraged to take some responsibility for their learning, become a little more independent and try their best in every aspect of their learning.

Children learn best when they feel safe, stimulated and above all happy. We aim to ensure that all children feel valued and have an enjoyable, fun and successful year in Year 4. We work hard to support the children to enable them to achieve and promote a sense of pride in everything they accomplish.


Homework is always sent out on a Friday and is due in on the following Friday. Children are expected to complete the following:

  • Spelling practise including writing a sentence for each word on their list. Please encourage your child to write interesting sentences, use punctuation and neat, joined handwriting.
  • Times tables practise (1 page)
  • Read with an adult at least three times a week (reading record needs to be signed to show this)

Home learning opportunities:

As a school, we subscribe to Reading Plus and Maths Whizz. These are wonderful programs and when used regularly, will significantly help children to progress.

All children have unique log in details to gain accesss at home and it is recommended that children aim to use them at home 2/3 times per week. Please note, these programs are designed to be done independently so no help should be given. This way, the program will adapt to best suit your child’s needs.

We also have some great opportunities which are specific to Year 4: Wider opportunities and swimming lessons.

Wider Opportunities

Wider opportunities are sessions provided by Wigan Music Service. They provide children with instrumental lessons (this year’s choice is brass) and singing lessons too.

These lessons take place on a Monday and children are also allowed to take their instruments home during the week to practise. Please note they must have their instruments in school on a Monday to be able to participate. We celebrate our wider opportunities skills by performing three concerts per year for parents.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons take place on a Tuesday at Hindley Baths. We asked for a £2 weekly contribution which is payable in school each Tuesday. Children are expected to bring their kit every week and it should consist of

  • a towel
  • swimming cap
  • swimming costume for girls (no bikinis) and swimming shorts for boys (no shorts at or past the knees)
  • Goggles are optional.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and see the Year 4 staff. This way we can work together to do our very best.

Mrs Marsh, Year 4 class teacher

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Year 4 class teacher

Mrs Marsh

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Mrs Gillibrand & Miss Williams

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