Daily Mile and Fit 15.

The children have been enjoying taking part in the Daily Mile during the last 15 minutes of Lunchtime each day.  Its great to see the children trying hard to complete a mile and challenge themselves each time to go further or complete the mile in a quicker time.

The Play Leaders have also been busy setting up stations for the children to try new things at lunchtime too.  This half term we have been trying  Tennis and Dodgeball as well as improving our co-ordination and balance with skipping, Hula Hooping and mini-stilts.




Supertato and Leek Soup by Reception class.

After reading the Supertato books Reception class wanted to explore what good things we could do with vegetables so we decided to make “Supertato and Leek Soup”.  The children chopped the vegetables, measured out the water and counted out the right amount of vegetable stock cubes needed for the recipe.  We then added all of the ingredients into the soup maker and left it to cook while we did Phonics.  20 minutes later the soup was ready and we got to taste it!  Most of us loved the soup with the children describing it as “Yummy” and “Delicious”.  We also got lots of comments from the other staff in school who complimented us on the lovely smell from our soup.